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Avoid a Car Crash By Following the Traffic Laws in Texas

Houston Texas Traffic LawsHave you always thought that buckling your seatbelt of your car or truck was enough precautions to take to ensure safety and abide the traffic laws? In the Houston, Texas area there is a car accident every 15 minutes. Some are minor bumps and then there are some that are major. If you are injured in a vehicle crash and are in need of a Houston car accident attorney then you should immediately call us but if you abiding by the Houston driving laws, steps can be taken to avoid being in an auto accident. Houston law may not be exactly known by everyone, but a little common sense goes a long way. These laws are as simple as making sure you have both of your headlights in working condition. This may seem minor but imagine having only one head light and being mistaken for a person on a motorcycle. An oncoming car may assume that there is more room for clearance and hit you. If this doesn’t seem too terrible, let’s go with something that most people can relate to. Cell phones! Most people have one. In fact, 91% of adult American have a cell phone. No brainer right? Cellular communication is one of the most used forms of communicating these days. While driving, you get a message and you glace down. Sometimes that is all it takes. 1 in every 5 auto accidents are due to driver distractions. Taking your eyes off the road can cost you your life. Following simple seatbelt and maintenance regulations set forth by the Houston Texas Driving Department, is a great way to start avoiding accidents. There are so many distraction that it may seem hard to focus solely on the road, however going that extra step greatly improve the odds of staying out of accidents. In addition to the driving laws, Houston also has a way of issuing licenses to those who are able to demonstrate the necessary skills to operate and drive a vehicle safely.

Licensing laws keep those who are not able to drive from driving. If applicants are under 25 years of age, the Department of Public Safety in Houston Texas requires a series of tests in order for someone to be approved. There are 3 prominent test to make sure drivers are prepared for the road. There is a knowledge test to ensure drivers know what road signs and basic traffic laws are, the vision test, which is used to make sure the driver can read and clearly see traffic signs and other vehicles on the road. Lastly, Houston Texas traffic laws, require a person to demonstrate basic concepts of driving and will perform a driving test with an assigned official who will grade the driver based on performance.

When in an auto accident it is important to understand why you need a lawyer but keeping these simple driving and licensing laws in mind, can help you avoid making a mistake and being in an auto accident and avoiding the requirement all together. Making sure your car is properly maintained and distractions are at bay and minimal is the first step and the rest of safety concerns come down to remembering the information from your driving tests. Be a safe and responsible driver and follow the Houston traffic laws. Help reduce accidents by doing your part!

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